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Bubblegum Crisis – Live Action 2012


Bubblegum is no longer just a chewable treat, it’s officially a crisis. Well, it’s been a crisis since the 1980s in the form of the much-beloved Japanese anime and manga series "Bubblegum Crisis" — and that crisis is about to head overseas in a big way.

A live-action feature film adaptation of "Bubblegum Crisis" is officially in the works, says The Hollywood Reporter. Six different production companies are teaming together to bring the movie to life, spearheaded by Singapore’s Axxis International — whose Benjamin Toh will executive produce — and including Tokyo’s Anime International Company, Australia’s Arclight Films, Canada’s Wizzfilms, China’s Infotainment China Media Co. and the U.K.’s Latex International.


As a long-time fan of the future cyber-punk BGC universe, I’ll admit that I’m rather excited about this project.  The 2012 release date won’t be able to come quick enough for me.  The original anime and the Tokyo 2040 remake have left some rather big shoes to fill… so I hope the production company is equal to the task.

So please, don’t let it be lame!  Oh, who am I kidding… it could be 100% cheese, and I’d still dig it.

BTW, you can check out the initial movie poster at the bottom of this post…


  1. Kasoni
    September 12, 2011 at 1:44 am

    This is indeed awesome news. I will not be able to wait for 2012 now either. Me and my fellow soldiers were talking about what old time anime series we all liked and no one had head of this one, so I went tooking to get some places to send them, this was a much better find :-) Thank you for the info.

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