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New Who in US on April 17

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BBC America has announced that it will preem the latest incarnation of venerable sci-fi franchise "Doctor Who" on April 17, 2010.

New version of the net’s highest-rated show will star Matt Smith as the Doctor (taking over from thesp David Tennant) and will be headed by lead writer Steven Moffat, who wrote for the the show under Russell T. Davies when Davies revived it in 2005. Moffat, whose writing credits include Steven Spielberg’s upcoming "Tintin" film, has enlisted multihyphenate Neil Gaiman, "Pirate Radio" helmer Richard Curtis, and "Torchwood" writers Chris Chibnall and Toby Whitehouse to pen eps of the upcoming series, though Gaiman’s contribution is not scheduled to air until the 2011 season.


I’m still not sold on the idea of such a young Doctor… but the fan in me can’t wait!  Actually… now that I think about it, I guess I’m just hoping that the new ginger-haired beauty on the show doesn’t come off as helpless.  I’d really like her to be someone who can kick the Doctor around when he’s getting out of line.



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Alexandra KosteniukI like chess. 

Moving all those… uhhh… pieces around and stuff.

Crabs and Fascism

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imageThe gun grabbers are at it again in Maryland. Next month, the state’s House Judiciary Committee will initiate hearings on legislation forcing firearms enthusiasts to register with the state government before they can exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The plan, drafted by Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg, Baltimore Democrat, and Sen. Brian E. Frosh, Montgomery County Democrat, would mandate that citizens carry a special license while conducting any number of routine transactions involving a gun.

To obtain a gun license, a person must fill out a long application form, attend a comprehensive firearms safety course, pay a nonrefundable fee to the state and wait 30 days for the completion of a criminal background check. If all items are processed properly, the Maryland State Police would drop the license in the mail.

It would become a crime to go to a gun range and rent a firearm for a little target shooting without this license in hand. Out-of-state visitors who might want to keep up their skills while on vacation would be out of luck under the proposal because they would not even be allowed to apply for a state gun license.

The bill would make it a crime on par with murder, kidnapping, rape and extortion for a private party to sell his own gun to someone who has no license. It also would give police the authority to seize the e-mail, cell phone and other records of anyone merely suspected of selling or renting a gun in Maryland without a license. This is an extreme reaction to conduct that is perfectly legal in most states and should be a constitutional right anywhere in the Land of the Free.

Of course it’s Democrats once again leading the charge to take away your rights.  I’m surprised that they don’t just pass the law saying that if you’ve got an unapproved gun, the cops can just hang you from a streetlight with a sign around your neck.  That way these bastard politicians can feel safe at night, knowing they’re the only ones with armed security to keep you peasants away.

Hooters for Sale

February 13, 2010 1 comment


The Hooters restaurant chain is reportedly up for sale, desperate for cash as business has fizzled.

The restaurants — known for waitresses wearing short-shorts and down-to-there tank tops — could sell for more than $250 million, analysts tell The New York Post.

The Post reports that Hooters has hired North Point Advisors, a San Francisco investment bank, to help with the sale. The restaurant isn’t officially commenting on rumors that it has been shopping itself to private-equity firms.

I certainly don’t have $250M lying around to foot the purchase of this chain, but I do have some thoughts on what I’d change to attempt a reboot of the franchise.

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I Just Like Snow Pictures

February 8, 2010 1 comment


So I’m just going to post another one.

Hope this makes all you folks in the Snowpocalyptic mid-Atlantic region happy.


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43-year old Garnet Dalton was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated

By Ted Efaw, 1450 WILM Newsradio.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A 43-year old man is arrested and charged with aggravated menacing, after pointing a gun at a man shoveling snow Saturday afternoon. New Castle County Police were called to the Hampton Walk Apartments around 4:50pm. The victim told police he was shoveling away the snow from around his car. His neighbor, Garnet Dalton, came outside, pointed a gun and threatened to shoot him, if he didn’t stop shoveling snow onto his car. Dalton then turned around and went back into his home. Dalton, who was still in his home, was arrested a short time later. Police recovered a black pellet gun from inside as well. The suspect was arraigned and released on a $1,000 unsecured bail.

After getting a couple feet of snow, and another two foot on the way, you expect tempers to be high.  But seriously this was just stupid.

There are much better things to do in the snow than point bb guns at people.

Do You Ever Get tired?

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Kardashian and plastic surgery Mostly of being lied to directly to your face. 

Something so absurd, so completely ridiculous, you just shake your head and walk away.

Even after Moody’s warned the U.S. could lose it’s AAA rating for hiking its debt limit to $14.3 trillion, the treasury secretary says that’s not going to happen.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the U.S. government "will never" lose its sterling credit rating despite big budget deficits and a newly increased debt limit that now tops $14 trillion.

What a complete tool.