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Stars Who Get By on Their Looks


This morning I had noticed a fluff blurb on MSN’s WonderWall that listed “10 Stars who get by on looks”.  I felt it was necessary to inject my thoughts on each of them.


10.  Jessica Biel

Honestly, if I were to live to be 100 years old, I don’t think I will ever understand what people see in her.  I mean, sure… she’s pretty enough, but she’s not all that.  Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe it’s that I’ve dated so many women that resemble her so closely that her “look” is lost on me as simply commonplace.

9. Chace Crawford


8. Vanessa Hudgens

Obviously, any revenue that her appearances are generating are aimed strictly at teenaged boys and fans of the HSM franchise.

Enjoy it while you can Vanessa.  It won’t be long before you start getting cast as the “Lead Character’s Mom”.  Don’t believe me?  Go ask Molly Ringwald her thoughts on the topic.

7. Eric Dane

Eric’s work isn’t exactly ground breaking, but he hasn’t exactly had too many memorable roles to speak of.  He does a fair job as a regular on Grey’s Anatomy, and he’s made me laugh on more than one occasion.  (OK, yes… I like medical dramas.)  So I think we need to see him in more challenging roles before we lump him into the talentless category.

6. Mario Lopez

I have to agree with this call.  His acting talents make him ideally suited for being featured in cologne billboard ads… but anything more is a stretch.

5. Hayden Panettiere

Believe it or not, Hayden has a long resume that’s worth noticing.  Unfortunately, many of her roles ended up being so innocuous that no one ever remembers her in anything other than her Heroes cheerleader outfit.  Of course, she hasn’t been helping to escape the stereotyping by doing films that keep her in such cutesy roles.

4. Jessica Alba

While it’s true that Jessica’s attractiveness and stardom has landed her roles that I didn’t think she was suited for (e.g. Susan Storm), I will give her kudos for trying on a few different hats.  Lately, she’s been trying her hand at Suspense, Comedy, Horror, etc.  The start of her career didn’t offer her much variety, but she’s starting to spread her wings.  Mind you, not all of it has been good… but I’m expecting better things in the future.

3. Josh Duhamel

Again… who?

2. Matthew McConaughey

Wtf?  Seriously?  I can only assume that he’s leveraging his abs to keep working.  Makes sense though… I don’t think I ever remember seeing him in anything that was worth watching.

1. Megan Fox

I can’t agree more.  From what I’ve seen from her so far, I have to sum her up with the following 6 words:  obnoxious, hateful white-trash talentless hack.

I’m going to make a prediction.  In a few years (hopefully sooner than later), age will start to take it’s toll Megan, and her looks won’t get her the roles and publicity that she’s grown accustomed to.  She’ll have a few explosive hissy fits in front of the press to try to recapture that attention, but she’ll soon come to realize that her time has passed her by.  Then, in hopes of recapturing the spotlight, it’ll only be a matter of time before we start seeing her name within the ranks of the adult film industry.


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