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Series 5 of Doctor Who is coming…


I’ve been madly anticipating the new series of Doctor Who.  Don’t get me wrong, the specials are great… but there’s something really satisfying about getting a new episode every week.

Now I’m still not entirely sold on Matt Smith as the next Doctor… mainly because he’s so young.  A 900 year old Time Lord should not be younger than I am.  :)  When I was a kid, the Doctor always fit a certain set of criteria, so let’s go through the checklist…

  • He should be British.  Check!
  • Traditionally, he’s a Caucasian male.  Check!
  • Each new Doctor should be a reinvention of the character with new personalized quirks.  Check!
  • He should be somewhere between 30 years old and middle-aged.  Ch… wait!  Nope.

Matt Smith is going to be the youngest actor to ever portray the Doctor… and so far, that’s needling at me a bit.  I’m not sure I’ll care for it much, but it might work.  After all, Peter Davison was cast as more of a “big brother” Doctor than a father figure, so maybe it’ll work for Matt as well.

Plus, I like that it appears that he’s being paired with a young police woman for a companion.  Obviously, she’ll have to be written with some vulnerabilities to give her reason to lean on the Doctor for support.  However, I’m hoping that she’ll be a tough gal when she needs to be… and maybe even save the Doctor’s bacon once in a while.

Speaking of which, here’s the preview!

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