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Lost In The Mail

December 14, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

UPS girl The U.S. Postal Service turns out to have more tax delinquents in its ranks than any other federal agency or department, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

IRS statistics from 2008 detailing the amount of money federal workers failed to pay the government in taxes showed postal service employees owed $297.93 million — nearly 10 percent of the $3.04 billion owed by federal employees and retirees from dozens of agencies.

The only problem with this story is the US Post Office is a private company that was formed as a special monopoly.

Therefore they shouldn’t be counted as a "Federal agency."

The Treasury Department owed $6.99 million. But the treasury actually boasted the best rate of all the departments, with only .98 percent of its employees labeled as tax delinquents. Inside the treasury, the IRS had a rate of .76 percent. Perhaps accounting for the low rate at the IRS is the fact that IRS employees can be fired for failing to pay taxes.

The weird part about this is that $6.98 million of the Treasury Department’s bill was owed by one Timothy Geitner.

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