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Ho Hum… More Democrat Corruption

December 5, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus was romantically involved with a former staffer when he recommended her earlier this year to become the next U.S. attorney for Montana, a spokesman said.

The Montana Democrat and his former state office director Melodee Hanes began their relationship in the summer of 2008 after Baucus separated from his wife, Ty Matsdorf told The Associated Press late Friday.

What we here find absolutely amazing is that this Associated Press story manages to mention that the Senator is a Democrat.  We were under the impression that their style guide says

Republicans caught in corruption scandals are show like:

Republican Senator Joe Schmoe (Republican from the Republican state of Republicanstan) was caught red handed with his Republican hands in the till.  Just like a Repubilican…

While Democrats caught in a scandal list 20 paragraphs without ever mentioning party affiliation, unless it’s like…

The presumably innocent Mayor of Baltimore, although under indictment for committed perjury, theft, fraudulent misappropriation and misconduct in office, will surely be set free because this is a Republican witch hunt…

You see, if they mention Republican in the article, even to say "This person is not a Republican," what most people who read the article will come away with is the word Republican.

That’s your mind control lesson for the day.

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