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TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras  —  Conservative rancher Porfirio Lobo won Honduras’ presidential elections Sunday in voting that many Hondurans hope will end a crippling crisis and others fear will whitewash the overthrow of a leftist leader in a June coup.

The "Others" that the Associated Press refers to is socialist leaders in the area, including the US.  This is a giant FU to them, so of course they’re all fussy and cranky.

But Manuel Zelaya, the president ousted in the June 28 coup, is certain to challenge that number. He said earlier that his own information from polling stations indicated abstention was as high as 65 percent, insisting the vote had no legitimacy and should not be recognized. No pro-Zelaya presidential candidate ran Sunday.

None more fussy than Manuel Zelaya, another wanna be fascist dictator who got booted out by his own people.  He should feel lucky, other fascists tend to get skinned and hanged.  This guy got a legal spanking so he’ll quickly fade away, living on a resort somewhere in another fascist country like Venezuela.

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