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How Much Is No Life Worth?

November 28, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


Erik Estavillo has made a name for himself by suing just about every computer and video game company he can get his lawsuit-issuing hands on. First was Sony, over being banned from the PlayStation Network. Then, the professional plaintiff filed suit against Microsoft, seeking $75,000 in restitution for his red-ring-of-death suffering Xbox 360. Later, Estavillo asked Nintendo for $5,000 in damages when a firmware update disabled his Wii Homebrew channel. Now, in his largest suit to date, Estavillo is trying to hit up Blizzard for a cool million over "deceitful" business practices.
Eastavillo’s latest waste of taxpayer money, and California courts’ time, claims that Blizzard’s ‘World of Warcraft‘ intentionally employs slow game-play mechanics in order to drag out games and consequently increase subscription profits. Specifically, he complains that transportation in the game is unnecessarily slow — until you reach a certain level (and spend a certain amount in time and subscription fees), or after you’ve purchased an expansion pack.

He recently included his mom in the lawsuit, suing her for making him clean up his basement bedroom.

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