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Donnie Yen is taking Lead Roles

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


SHANGHAI — Over the past 26 years, the actor Donnie Yen has developed a dedicated following in Asia for his impressive martial arts skills, and a cult status internationally for his roles in popular action movies, including “Once Upon a Time in China II,” “Hero,” “Shanghai Knights” and “Seven Swords.” But until recently, he had, he said, “never tasted what it meant to be a superstar.” Instead, in big-budget movies, he often played in the shadow of established Asian stars like Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

But with “Painted Skin” and “Ip Man,” two Asian-box-office successes in 2008, Mr. Yen’s star is finally rising. “He’s been around as along as the two Js,” said Daniel Yun, managing director of MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, referring to Mr. Li and Mr. Chan. “For a long time he was the third choice; but with his films making big money at the box office, he’s become the leading man to watch.”

For those of you out there who have no idea who Donnie Yen is, then please allow me to enlighten you.

donnie_yen Donnie Yen is one of the BIGGEST names in Hong Kong action cinema today!  The man already has a ton of great films on his resume, and he’s just getting started.

I’m thankful for this last point because his career is just beginning to get exposure over here in the West.  Some of you may have already seen him in the films mentioned above… or perhaps others such as Blade II or Iron Monkey.

If you’ve never seen any of Yen’s work, then now is the time to start!  If you’re a fan of action films, then trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed.  Look him up HERE on IMDb, and go Netflix some of his work.  Pretty soon, I predict that he’ll be as well-known in the United States as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Michelle Yeoh are presently… and won’t you be impressive when you can tell your friends that “you’ve been a fan since back when…”

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