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Holy Hot Pants! To the Stripper-Mobile!

November 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


Even the men who hand out “nude girls direct to your room” cards stopped their hawking long enough to do some gawking at the “stripper-mobile” as it rolled down the Strip on Monday night.

It’s akin to a small U-Haul truck but with Plexiglas surrounding the brightly lit cargo area instead of walls. In the middle is a gleaming stripper pole. Swinging around the pole is a scantily clad young woman. Two of her fellow strippers are in the back of the truck too, awaiting their turns.

Puttering up and down Las Vegas Boulevard on Monday night, it was photographed by nearly everyone it pulled alongside, from CityCenter construction workers to an SUV-load of 20-somethings from Colorado.

It’s the ultimate advertising vehicle, said Larry Beard, marketing director for Déjà Vu Showgirls. Having run the truck up and down the Strip late at night and into the wee hours for only the past 11 days, he claims it has doubled business at the all-nude Déjà Vu and Little Darlings gentlemen’s clubs.

“It’s just a great idea that really works,” Beard said.

All I can say is… it’s about time!  :P

While I do suspect that the stripper-mobile will be the cause of a few auto accidents from time to time… I expect that it’ll be a safer vehicle to be around than any car driven by a teenager with a mobile phone!

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