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TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras  —  Conservative rancher Porfirio Lobo won Honduras’ presidential elections Sunday in voting that many Hondurans hope will end a crippling crisis and others fear will whitewash the overthrow of a leftist leader in a June coup.

The "Others" that the Associated Press refers to is socialist leaders in the area, including the US.  This is a giant FU to them, so of course they’re all fussy and cranky.

But Manuel Zelaya, the president ousted in the June 28 coup, is certain to challenge that number. He said earlier that his own information from polling stations indicated abstention was as high as 65 percent, insisting the vote had no legitimacy and should not be recognized. No pro-Zelaya presidential candidate ran Sunday.

None more fussy than Manuel Zelaya, another wanna be fascist dictator who got booted out by his own people.  He should feel lucky, other fascists tend to get skinned and hanged.  This guy got a legal spanking so he’ll quickly fade away, living on a resort somewhere in another fascist country like Venezuela.


Jumping the Shark in a Single Bound

November 29, 2009 1 comment


NEW IMAGES have surfaced from Smallville’s Absolute Justice two-hour movie event which airs in the US on February 5.

OK, I admit it… Smallville is one of those guilty pleasures that I secretly enjoy.  I don’t think it’s a grand show.  The acting is below par.  The storylines are predictable.  And the “look” of the characters does come off way too 90210 for my tastes.  However, I do seriously enjoy superhero stories and I’ve been a fan of Superman since I was a small boy.  So yes… I watch Smallville.  Deal with it.

However, times do change, and I may have to wave a hand in the air and say WHOA!  I think you’re starting to go a bit too far (or rather, not far enough) with some of the costuming!  I will explain…

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Dragon Skin Body Armor now includes Degrade Sensors

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This Dragon Skin armor has been knocking about since 2007, but now that piezoelectrics and intelligence have been thrown into the mix we couldn’t stop ourselves from taking a peek at it. The armor’s strength is derived from a reptilian arrangement of overlapping ceramic and titanium composite discs, which simultaneously block incoming rounds and dissipate the impact to a wider area. What’s interesting about the new design is the two piezoelectric sensors attached to each end — one of them transfers a low voltage of power through the armor in the form of vibration, which the other picks up, and the reported energy loss is interpreted as armor degradation. Gnarlier still is the ability of these sensors to generate electricity from bullet impacts, which can then themselves give you an indication of what sort of bullet hit you. Capable of being applied to soldiers and vehicles alike, this could make the real act of soldiering a whole lot more like a video game (minus the whole "infinite respawn" thing), with HUDs showing you how much "shield" you have left. You can see an old(ish) video of the original armor after the break.

I’ve been really digging the idea of Dragon Skin flexible body armor for quite some time.  However, I’m not quite sold on the idea of a degradation readout on my chest that announces the functionality of my armor to everyone around me.  Then again, any good brand of duct tape could solve that problem.  :)

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How Much Is No Life Worth?

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Erik Estavillo has made a name for himself by suing just about every computer and video game company he can get his lawsuit-issuing hands on. First was Sony, over being banned from the PlayStation Network. Then, the professional plaintiff filed suit against Microsoft, seeking $75,000 in restitution for his red-ring-of-death suffering Xbox 360. Later, Estavillo asked Nintendo for $5,000 in damages when a firmware update disabled his Wii Homebrew channel. Now, in his largest suit to date, Estavillo is trying to hit up Blizzard for a cool million over "deceitful" business practices.
Eastavillo’s latest waste of taxpayer money, and California courts’ time, claims that Blizzard’s ‘World of Warcraft‘ intentionally employs slow game-play mechanics in order to drag out games and consequently increase subscription profits. Specifically, he complains that transportation in the game is unnecessarily slow — until you reach a certain level (and spend a certain amount in time and subscription fees), or after you’ve purchased an expansion pack.

He recently included his mom in the lawsuit, suing her for making him clean up his basement bedroom.

Protected Bird

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Is ‘flipping the bird’ a constitutional right in the United States? Is ‘giving the finger’ protected by the right to freedom of expression? The ACLU thinks so and so do the courts. Pittsburgh Council agrees to the tune of $50,000.

Parallel parking can get the best of anyone, at least occasionally. It certainly got the best of thirty-five-year-old David Hackbart, of Butler, in April, 2006. The situation got even more frustrating when a car encroached on Hackbart, limiting his space to maneuver.

At this point Hackbart lost his temper and ‘flipped the bird’ at the driver behind him. A third party shouted at Hackbart to refrain from the middle-fingered salute. Hackbart responded by ‘flipping the bird’ at the third party also. That person turned out to be Sgt. Brian Elledge of the Pittsburgh Police Department. "Elledge ordered Hackbart to stop his vehicle and cited him for violating a state statute prohibiting the use of obscene language and gestures," reports.

I use mine all the time to exhibit free speech.  Maybe doing it to a cop in uniform isn’t the greatest idea, but this cop wasn’t probably acting in his official duties.  Of course the law in PA says it is apparently, but that needs to be struck down.  Nothing would please me more than the entire audience of a speech giving the bird to a politician.

Donnie Yen is taking Lead Roles

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SHANGHAI — Over the past 26 years, the actor Donnie Yen has developed a dedicated following in Asia for his impressive martial arts skills, and a cult status internationally for his roles in popular action movies, including “Once Upon a Time in China II,” “Hero,” “Shanghai Knights” and “Seven Swords.” But until recently, he had, he said, “never tasted what it meant to be a superstar.” Instead, in big-budget movies, he often played in the shadow of established Asian stars like Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

But with “Painted Skin” and “Ip Man,” two Asian-box-office successes in 2008, Mr. Yen’s star is finally rising. “He’s been around as along as the two Js,” said Daniel Yun, managing director of MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, referring to Mr. Li and Mr. Chan. “For a long time he was the third choice; but with his films making big money at the box office, he’s become the leading man to watch.”

For those of you out there who have no idea who Donnie Yen is, then please allow me to enlighten you.

donnie_yen Donnie Yen is one of the BIGGEST names in Hong Kong action cinema today!  The man already has a ton of great films on his resume, and he’s just getting started.

I’m thankful for this last point because his career is just beginning to get exposure over here in the West.  Some of you may have already seen him in the films mentioned above… or perhaps others such as Blade II or Iron Monkey.

If you’ve never seen any of Yen’s work, then now is the time to start!  If you’re a fan of action films, then trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed.  Look him up HERE on IMDb, and go Netflix some of his work.  Pretty soon, I predict that he’ll be as well-known in the United States as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Michelle Yeoh are presently… and won’t you be impressive when you can tell your friends that “you’ve been a fan since back when…”

Couple arrested over ‘theft’ for refusing to tip in restaurant – Telegraph

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Leslie Pope and John Wagner were handcuffed and hauled away after they failed to leave a restaurant’s mandatory 18 per cent gratuity – totalling $16 (£10) – for their party of eight.

"Nobody wants to be forced to pay a tip or be arrested for terrible service," said Miss Pope, 22.

The couple, students at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, had joined six friends at the town’s Lehigh Pub for dinner. They claimed they had to wait almost an hour for their meal to arrive and Miss Pope said the service was so shoddy they had to get their own cutlery and napkins.

For service that bad, I would have complained about paying the bill at all.  This happened because of that stupid "Parties of 6 or more get an 18% tip added to the bill."  I hope when this goes to court, they find that unenforceable.  I tip very well but sometimes you do get such bad service you just have to fight it.